Mother of the Year

“Written with great comic flair and heart’

Allison Pearson

Beth Jackson is a national treasure, celebrated for her television shows and winning the Mother of the Year Award three times in a row.

Only, her daughter just wishes that Beth would be more like a normal mum…

Shortlisted for the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize and a runner-up in the Good Housekeeping Novel Competition, Mother of the Year features three-hundred-and-thirty-six bags of sand, a Parson Jack Russell called ASBO, and an elephant that paints . . .  

Praise for Mother of the Year

“One of the funniest books I have ever read, but funny in a serious way. What Karen Ross says is important and significant. Her book is bittersweet, full of warmth, fun and very clever.’

Agi (Goodreads)

“There’s more to writing a good chick lit novel than sticking in a few mentions of cupcakes and Jimmy Choos, and having a ditzy girl breaking her heel on the first date with the lush guy you just know she’ll end up with. And with Mother of the Year, Karen Ross shows how it’s done. The humour works, too – just wait for the Molotov cocktail!’

Terry Tyler Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

“Riotously funny, with switchback cliffhangers in every chapter and a constantly moving storyline that leaves you breathless in anticipation of the next twist, this book is a pleasantly addictive drug that denies sleep and demands total surrender of its reader’s time and attention.’

Norfolk Andy (Amazon)