Bets and the City

“Bridget Jones meets Wall Street…’

Based on the popularity of her blog for spread betting group City Index, Karen (writing as Sally Nicoll) was commissioned by niche financial publishers Harriman House to write a Spread Betting For Beginners book.   

The manuscript turned into a comedy caper about Sally’s infallible talent for losing large sums of money, a cast of characters from Primrose Hill, and a Jack Russell called Dow Jones.  After the publishers had recovered from the shock, they heroically repositioned the book as a definitive guide on how NOT  to spread bet.

As a result of the book’s success, Karen decided to focus on writing comedy, rather than thrillers.

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115 Five Star Reviews on Amazon (and six from people who hated it…)

“This is the most readable, witty and seriously wise piece of financial advice I’ve ever read – and I’ve read a lot!’

“Started reading this book in my local caff and I couldn’t stop laughing. People must have thought I was insane. Very well written and very helpful.’

“I think she found success more as a writer than a spreadbettor.’

“I found it at turns infuriating, amusing, informative, and totally fascinating. Jane Austen it is not, Sally Nicoll it most certainly is, and none the worse for that.’