Five Wakes and a Wedding Book Cover

‘You know how sometimes a book can just come out of nothing and randomly make you fall in love with it? Well – guess what. That’s exactly what Five Wakes and a Wedding did to me!’

Undertaker Nina Sherwood is your average thirtysomething with a steady job, a nice home – and dead bodies in her basement.

But when Nina opens her brand new shop in celebrity-studded Primrose Hill, corpses are hard to come by.  ‘We don’t do death in this part of London,’ she’s told.  ‘Such a shame you didn’t think to open a vegan cupcake shop instead.’

Banned by the Traders Association, bleeding start-up capital faster than anyone can complain, ‘Your ghastly shop is bringing down property prices!’, and bothered every day by a neighbour who hands her an enormous bill for roof repairs, it looks as if Nina’s made a huge mistake.  And when her ‘big break’ funeral turns out to be a prank, it seems like Nina’s business and her reputation are dead and buried.

Enter Barclay Banks – part kidult part corporate lawyer – who takes Nina on a helicopter date to Paris and offers to invest in Happy Endings.

But why would he do that?

Why is he so keen for Happy Endings to relocate to a different part of London?

And can he be trusted?

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Five Wakes and a Wedding: What readers are saying

‘Fun, funny, romantic and wonderful’

‘A totally different spin on a contemporary romance!’

‘I quickly fell in love with Nina and her quirky group of friends’

‘Made me laugh – and cry’

‘Loved the storytelling’

‘Can absolutely see this as a movie’

‘Okay, this book was FUNNY’

‘Absolutely delightful read’

‘What a wonderful surprise!’

‘Simply can’t commend her writing enough’

‘This book will put a smile on your face!’

About the Author

As a former journalist, broadcaster and advertising copywriter, I’ve followed a fairly traditional path into writing fiction.

Five Wakes and a Wedding is my fourth book, and if you know your football, you’ll find several sly references to my team.  Like its predecessors, the book has two common threads:  the setting is Primrose Hill – my part of town – and one of the characters is a dog.

I’ve been self-employed for many years, and continue to work as a marketing consultant, in the absence of an offer to manage Tottenham Hotspur.  By way of credentials, my other ‘job’ is trading profitably on the world’s first football stockmarket, a platform called Football Index, where you buy and sell players with real money.